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During these times of disruption in the fashion business, many fashion brands are looking at what the future has in store for them, where we should focus and what to commit to.
In our fast and ever-changing world, disruption is all around us in many forms. Our environmental world faces challenges which can only be addressed by massive changes, our social and cultural identity is driven by new technologies and our personal relationships are shaped by the digital. Where will all of this lead us?

MUNTHE firmly believes that the future consumer and the future of fashion is not only driven by trends, rather by having the best items which are needed for all aspects of life.

This season, the collection was inspired by the freely, flashing neon tubes, irregular patterns, glitches; the sudden, unexpected increase in electrical power - and is motivated by the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; Duality, Ambiguity and Fluidity.


“A black, white and rainbow-colored Yin Yang symbol imposes a trademark of polarity and the best of both worlds.
Life is not always black and white, it’s a million shades of grey. As there is no right or wrong, it depends upon the perception of the person.

There are multiple ways of looking at most situations and it is important to be open to interpretations and to avoid labelling things. We are all chasing happiness and purpose – and in the end, we should be equal and embrace all our differences, instead of punishing people for them. We all have different skills and weaknesses that make us who we are. Every one of us. This should make us come together and celebrate these differences. We are all individuals because of how different we all are from each other. Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all people and that’s it”, Naja Munthe says


You’ll see hints of Copenhagen-girls' flair in a sleeveless t-shirts, patterned jeans and Aviator jackets - and dresses made from silk-viscose, printed with undone glamour and trimmed with puffed sleeves.

And this season, organic cotton is our key-fabric - and denim is one of our hero-products. We continue to explore the crop flare, flexible materials and introduce embellishment with prints on - like the oversized boyfriend jacket and a jumpsuit in a stamped and soft denim quality.
The collection also includes a range of gorgeous leather pieces, classic feminine shirting, jackets with a twist - and there is also pops of accessories, paying tribute as well.

Prime colours and prints: pink, red, brown, granite, camel, indigo, white, sky blue - and disrupted check print in bright colors, digitized flowers, Yin-Yang Rainbow print, horseshoe print and embroidery.

This FW20 collection is a creation of interchangeable styles that can be mixed and matched, allowing a synergetic versatility.