It all started with a piece of striped woven fabric that led our minds to wander to past times when women oversaw the household. Since then women have come a long way, and we are celebrating this by looking at the many facets that women today are able to freely shift between. From daughter to mother, to wife, to businesswoman and the list goes on… most women today shift between many roles even just in one day.

The many different expressions and sides of women are highly represented by the collection's print story, entailing everything from 'old-fashioned' checks to feminine florals and daring patent leather. The shapes of the collection are a beautiful combination of casual tailoring and feminine silhouettes with details such as pleats, ruffles, embroidery and piping details – again expressing the freedom to embrace every aspect of your personality.

One of MUNTHE's many facets includes giving back to others, which we've chosen as the theme for our upcoming fashion show. To 'give back' can be interpreted in many ways, from donating to charity to smiling at a stranger on the street – and we would like to invite our community of customers and followers to give back in their own unique way.

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