Since Munthe plus Simonsen was established in 1994, the brand has undergone immense growth, winning prestigious awards and worked with internationally recognized brand ambassadors and top-models, and become known for its lavish fashion shows. In 2014, the brand was relaunched by founder and creative director Naja Munthe under the name

Today, the brand is best known for its' predilection to unique details and well-executed ideas shown through the seven annual collections. The brand's finesse lies not only in the high quality of the clothing but also in the combination of the raw and deconstructed, paired with the refined and elegant. Maybe that is why so many have labeled the brand a modern urban-bohemian.

Munthes designs are easily recognizable by their artistic, free-spirited, enthusiastic and contrasting characteristics. MUNTHE is synonymous with clothing that is to be worn and loved, and a style which is both relaxed and festive.


The creative driving force behind MUNTHE is founder and creative director Naja Munthe. She is responsible for creating the seven annual collections all the while she puts the unique MUNTHE flair on the brand's entire universe. The uniqueness of the brand can be experienced in one of our beautiful stores in either Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The inspiration behind MUNTHE's designs have roots from all over the world. Unique details from warm skies to the street styles of Paris, New York, and London, all contribute to the creative process resulting in the elegant appearance of the brand's styles.


Go down memory lane and see selected images from MUNTHE.



Store Regnegade 2
DK - 1107 København K
+45 33 32 03 12


Monday - Friday: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 16


Borggade 2
DK - 8000 Aarhus C
+45 86 18 55 77


Monday - Thursday: 10 - 17.30
Friday: 10 - 19
Saturday: 10 - 15

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