For MUNTHE’s Pre Spring 2019 collection we have let ourselves be inspired by our visits to foreign countries, fabric shops with tailor textiles from old archives and small vintage shops. Here we have found new sources of inspiration and ways of creating a new look. Looking through fabric rolls, finding new tempting ways of combining hues, resulting in a new and more playful way of using colours. We are fascinated by the clash between ultra-feminine and tailored masculine pieces. Mismatch is our new favourite word, and we embrace it as being something that creates interesting and inspiring ideas.

Patterns are inspired from a variety of places, but the thing they all have in common is that they are handpicked by Naja on her trips to remote destinations. We have interpreted them into new expressive prints that give the collection its unique print history. A small gentleman’s scarf print became a beautiful jacquard pattern. A kimono print was the inspiration for a new way of making a check pattern. Feminine fabrics used for masculine styles twisting our way of perceiving them.

The color palette is playful with bright glimpses that easily catch the eye. Candy rose, cyclamen pink and deep bottle green mixed in with black and dark blue. Tangerine, peachy orange and brick red are giving life and contrast to dark sand, brown, dark blue and black. Our key items for this season are jacquard jackets, ultra-feminine dresses and masculine satin suites. Tailored checked suiting and loose oversize shirts.




Psst... Dress up for a festive time in our selection of beautiful dresses, fine shirts and that little black dress to wear for any occasion.




Psst. Floral print is an ongoing trend this fall. Cover yourself in the prettiest flowers from our Pre/Spring collection.


it's in the detail


Psst... Add a touch of peach to your outfit with our newest knits or add a golden detail. Cuddle up in our soft and warm knit this winter and with a touch of sparkly element you'll be fashionably hot throughout the cold season.

suit up

new year


Psst... Mix and match our blazer with color coordinated pants and skirt and you'll be ready for the new year.


must have


Psst... Every wardrobe needs a shearling jacket. Top up your closet to ad sparkle to your outer layer.




Pssst.. Add a bit of glitter to your everyday look with our blouses and knit.

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