MUNTHE Fall / Winter 2019 is all about mixing it up. Street wear, men references and feminine silhouettes are layered in different ways and designed with MUNTHEs stylish woman in mind, whilst still staying true to the brand’s signature aesthetic.

Fall / Winter 2019

MUNTHE draws inspiration from the Scandinavian nature and culture as well as the more exotic locations and street fashion. This adds a glamorous and edgy touch to all designs.

recycled polyester

MUNTHE has made a dress and two tops in recycled polyester that causes less air-, water and soil contamination compared to using non-recycled polyester. There are used about 130 bottles to make the dress and about 50 bottles to make the shirt. Recycled polyester is developed by using recycled plastic bottles. The bottles have been cleaned, heated and formed into strings of yarn. The fibers have been created into a fluffy wooly texture and the yarn is then spun, dyed and weaved into polyester fabric.

Fall / Winter 2019

Embrace the coming autumn wardrobe with a wide variation of hoodies & t-shirts, checked wool jackets, wrap dresses, boots, and denim that let your mind wander to late summer, enjoying the last warmth before fall arrives.

Fall / Winter 2019

The checks paired up with the flower prints. Logo print that repeats the MUNTHE logo again and again mixed with feminine dresses. The result is cool, feminine silhouettes combined with a stunning color palette and prints.

Fall / Winter 2019

MUNTHE's designs are "made to be worn and loved in both relaxed and festive situations," says Naja Munthe.

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