Get inspired by the trend of the season and explore the newest collections from MUNTHE. Each season we present a new collection of must-haves.


There’s something utterly magical about a winter party. But as temperatures fall, how do you stay warm while still looking stylish?

Fall / Winter 2019

MUNTHE Fall / Winter 2019 is all about mixing it up. Street wear, men references and feminine silhouettes are layered in different ways and designed with MUNTHEs stylish woman in mind, whilst still staying true to the brand’s signature aesthetic.


Sometimes we have to stretch our perception of beauty to make a new expression that is more diverse and has more room for who we are. The feeling in the collection is a bit like vintage shopping, roaming through forgotten treasures from different periods in time.

With this collection, we encourage you to embrace your “oddness” and be more playful with your combination of styles.


Taking a stroll in your garden, enjoying the wild-growing flowers flourishing around you, while the blue sky bathes them in the bright clear summer light, fabrics so delicate, that you can almost see the silhouettes behind the fabric through the strong summer light. MUNTHE’s High Summer 2019 collection is inspired by just that high summer feeling.


It all started with a fascination of the laid-back and free spirit ambiance of Bali. The clash between the urban and rural areas of the Island. Their rich print history and craftsmanship in their architecture, their animal and botanical life, as well as the creative forces driving colorful business on the island. We have tamed the many inputs and merged it together into a new and powerful print and color story.

Pre Spring 2019

For MUNTHE’s Pre Spring 2019 collection we have let ourselves be inspired by our visits to foreign countries, fabric shops with tailor textiles from old archives and small vintage shops. Here we have found new sources of inspiration and ways of creating a new look.

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